Aagan Organic Cotton

Aagan was founded with a simple motto: to provide affordable, luxurious pure cotton bed and bath products. Our passion and inspiration was born to make a mark, do our part and contribute to sustainable green living. Two years of comprehensive research, on 100% organic cotton lead us to bring you a traceable supply chain of cotton. We are committed to doing all the hardwork so you enjoy the quality and craftsmanship of our range.

In simple terms Aagan means “courtyard”. “We are not on this earth to see through each other, we are here to see each other through.”


Aagan Organic Cotton

Aagan prides itself in offering a pure organic ethical choice. Our soft, serene, elegant bedding and bath products are GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standards) certified. Cotton is sourced directly from one of the world’s finest cotton regions in India. Chemical free seeds are conscientiously planted to produce the highest quality cotton. Our hardworking farmers cautiously plant, cultivate and nurture the cotton seeds from ground up. Our farmers are not exposed to harmful toxic chemicals. They work in safe environments. Every detail is thoroughly checked to provide superior quality raw cotton natural fibres, to yarn, weave type plus handling and packaging. Organic cotton grows slower than non organic cotton. Organic cotton fibres are stronger. We use non toxic dyes to create and offer the consumer heirloom collection. Our cotton is derived from Fairtrade certified farms and mills. One of our priorities is to enhance, inspire and support the cotton industry in the correct way. All Aagan products are ethically made with unsurpassed care for softness, are resilient and hypoallergenic. We pride ourselves on a transparent supply chain. Our products are crisp and wonderfully fluffy. Perfect for you and the environment. Enjoy, sparkle without hurting mother earth! Live Green, Love Green, Be Green. We are just mankind. Without the earth, we are nothing!

“Whatever your courtyard is, all the bliss it gives to mankind is unsurpassed”
“Founder Aagan”.


  • Natural, soft, flexible, breathable, absorbant, renewable, biodegradable and better for skin.
  • Mills and factories abide by strict processing and manufacturing criteria.
  • Compliance checks are regularly carried out and industry standards are maintained.
  • People with health allergies and chemical sensitivity benefit greatly with safe organic cotton, no skin allergies and itches!
  • Certified organic cotton promotes a sustainable green supply chain.
  • Pure organic cotton has a lower carbon footprint, using less water and energy to produce.
  • It’s GMO (genetically modified organisms) free.
  • Farms don’t use chemicals which harm the environment.
  • The cotton industry has grown over 200% over the last year, a testament of its organic nature.


  • Use genetically modified seeds
  • Toxic Dyes
  • Utilise hazardous synthetic pesticides and chemicals
  • Engage child labour

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