Ideas to refresh your bedroom

       Your whole day is off to a great start when you wake up in the morning well-rested and reinvigorated.  The ambience of your bedroom plays a crucial role in helping you unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. Here are five essential tips to refresh your bedroom and make it an inviting space for you and your family.  


Scrub it thoroughly and regularly. Nothing can refresh your bedroom as a good ol’ clean up can. In addition to regular cleaning up give you bedroom a major wipe down at least bi-annually reaching every nook and cranny that you typically would not get to during your regular clean up.


Freshen it up by opening windows to let fresh air and natural lighting into your bedroom as much as possible. Proper circulation of air not only keeps allergens at bay and creates a soothing atmosphere that is calming. If your bedroom is in a confined space without windows an air purifier cannot be recommended highly enough. Do not underestimate the value of breathing clean pollutant-free air especially in your bedroom while you are asleep.


Toss it – clutter creates “unrest” which is the last thing you want your bedroom to be. Minimising the number of pieces of furniture in the bedroom helps to make it lighter and enables you to focus on what space is intended for – sleep, rest and intimacy. Keep it simple! Reserve “maximalism” for elsewhere in the house.


Dress it Even though there are myriad of benefits to be had from investing in high-quality bedding it is underrated when it comes to sprucing up a bedroom. Spend the money, buy superior quality bed linen made from natural fibres in soft colours as opposed to the eye-catching design in more inferior quality. Natural fibres breathe through the weave and clinically shown to assist in a good night’s rest. High-quality fabrics exude a sense of luxury and tranquillity resulting in a general state of cosiness. Try it; It is worth every penny!   


Pin it. Bring in the colour with some pieces of art that have special meaning to you. Artwork not only adds vibrancy to the bedroom, but it possesses the unique ability to create an intimate space brimming with personality.