Bath Bundle - 4 Pieces

Color: Pure white

Our bath bundle is a collection of the face wash, gym towel, bath towels and bath sheet. All 4 pieces have beautiful lustre and command strong texture. Made out of pure organic cotton loops this bath bundle has opulence with it’s dense appearance. A must have for a family and very functional.

  • All sizes as per individual bath products
  • Allergy free, no chemical dyes and pesticides
  • Available in  pure white, light grey, grey, navy blue and natural (creme)
  • Super soft, absorbent, 700gsm, thick and fluffy in texture. Lint free and no shrinkage
  • 100% GOTS certified pure organic cotton
  • Ethically made, sustainable and packaged in reusable pure cotton bag

 Free Shipping Australia wide

Laundry Instructions
Wash with care

Every day you face a crucial choice: Should you throw your clothes in the wash, or hang them back up or fold it and store it inside a wardrobe.

You should be able to enjoy your soft 100% organic cotton products from Aagan for as long as possible. That’s why we recommend only washing your clothes when needed and not necessarily after each use.

Five simple laundry tips

  1. Wash clothing as infrequently as possible. If it’s not dirty, air it out instead.
  2. Save energy by filling up the washing machine each cycle.
  3. Wash at a low temperature. The temperature given in our washing instructions is the highest possible wash temperature.
  4. Reduce the amount of detergent and follow the instructions on your detergent’s label.
  5. Avoid tumble drying and try to air-dry clothing as much as possible.
Laundry Care
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle with cold or warm water
  • Wash colours in cold water, whites in warm water
  • Tumble dry on low or line dry
  • Use gentle / natural detergents
  • Do not use whiteners & bleaching agents.


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